Rating: Good
Date: September 2017


‘Details were recorded on an electronic care plan system so that if any staff were unable to be present or wanted to check details, this was available throughout the shift.’

‘Staff knew how to keep people’s information confidential. The electronic systems used were all password protected.’

‘There was a hospital section which could be downloaded so that it could be taken to hospital with the person. People’s care plans were held on an electronic care system. This was accessed by staff through a hand held device and or a laptop. Staff told us they regularly used care plans to understand people’s needs and that these care plans were regularly updated. One staff member commented on the system, “The system is really good, is easy to get up to date information about a person”. We saw regular reviews of care plans were in place to ensure people’s needs were still being met. Particular needs were recorded on the electronic care system. The system would automatically ‘flag’ up when a particular activity had not been completed. For example, medicine administration or when a care plan review was due. This system was reviewed by the registered manager and senior staff to enable them to monitor people’s care. If any anomalies arose, the registered manager or senior staff would investigate.’

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