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Is GDPR the Biggest Risk to your Organisation?

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Care Show presentation: Is GDPR the biggest risk to your organisation?


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Make sure you’re ahead of the game with GDPR and attend our presentation at the Care Show on 11th October at 1pm in the Business Theatre. Andrew Coles will take you through the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), what it means for care providers, what the risks of non-compliance are, and how you can take action to become compliant.

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WHERE? Care Show, Birmingham NEC, Business Theatre
WHEN? 1pm, 11th October
STAND? K43 – come and say hello!

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GDPR in Care Management Matters


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October’s CMM Magazine comes with a brilliant insight into GDPR by one of our directors, Jonathan Papworth. If you’re worried about the who, what, why and when of GDPR then this is the place to get all the initial information for care providers.


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Signed up for our GDPR whitepaper yet?


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We know GDPR can seem complex and it’s tempting to ignore the new regulation until it comes into force on 25th May 2018. Doing nothing, or waiting until next year is simply not an option. Now is the right time to be moving forward with GDPR.

We have written a detailed resource, designed for care providers and the particular issues you face for compliance. It will help you to recognise where you need to make adjustments, and we offer solutions to help your service to be compliant with GDPR. Sign up to receive the information below and we’ll send it to your inbox.

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