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How to achieve more accurate data and spend more time with service users

Customer: Sansa House, Liaise Loddon
Location: Basingstoke
Care home specialism: Learning Disability

‘We get more accurate data results and also spend more time with the service users as we are recording their care during the shift.’

Alex Moldrzykova

Senior Specialist Worker, Sansa House

The outcome

Sansa House is one of Liaise Loddon’s residential homes for adults with learning disabilities in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Their staff is made up of 2 teams of 7 carers plus 3 management staff caring for 5 service users. The staff use Mobile Care Monitoring to provide evidence of care delivered to Sansa House service users both in the home and when out in the community.

When Sansa House began using MCM ‘the response from staff was great’, said Cedrina Edmonds, Specialist Worker at Sansa House. ‘They felt like we were coming up to European standards, and it was also a fun product to use’. Cedrina noticed that older staff took a little bit longer to get the hang of using an iPod Touch to record care, but they weren’t resistant to it.

A huge benefit of MCM for staff at Sansa House has been the ability to record a lot of data about a service user’s care interactions, and at the point of delivery. Cedrina remembers that with the previous paper system ‘you could only get a couple of lines in there, so getting lots of information into the device is really good’. Alex Moldrzykova, Senior Specialist Worker, notices that ‘we get more accurate data results and also spend more time with the service users as we are recording their care during the shift’. Cedrina agrees that ‘entering things as they happen rather than at the end of the day really helps with accuracy’.

How we helped

Mobile Care Monitoring takes the data from simple care notes and produces reports and analytics from them. Cedrina says that ‘the potential the system has for the analytical side of it is really, really useful when writing reports and reviews and comparing data quarter to quarter’.

Sansa House carers have been taking the devices out into the community with them when they accompany residents, and one side benefit Cedrina has noticed is that they have ‘got so many brilliant photos from having the devices with us when we go out with the service users’. 

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