Rating: Good
Date: March 2016


‘Each relative was keen to point out to us how they always left visiting their loved one with a sense of feeling there was nothing to worry about. They could relax knowing their relative was well cared for. In a new electronic care system called Person-centred software (PCS), there was a “Relative’s Portal” that keeps all relatives up to date on the needs and day to day life of their relative. Updates in the care records and photos of important times were sent and immediate feedback can be provided. The relative can also access the records at any time and reassure themselves all was alright. One member of staff described how important this was and how relatives who lived a distance away felt involved in this process.’

‘The provider had purchased a new electronic care planning process called “Person-centred Software” (PCS) This was still being introduced so there was a mix of people’s records being recorded electronically and on paper. All except people’s full care plans had yet to be entered onto the PCS system. We were advised that all records should be electronic by the end of March 2016. Staff were very supportive of the new system as it allowed them to update people’s daily records as they went along. Also, they could alert on any concerns, risks or changes in people’s needs quickly that were then flagged for immediate action by team leaders or the registered manager. Staff told us they had more time to interact and work with people as their need to write information down had been replaced by this system. We observed staff asking one person a question about their care and their response was immediately recorded.’

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