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Every day over 500 people are accessing our Relatives Gateway to find out how their loved ones are and what they have been doing at their care home. Over 10% of our customers are now using the Relatives Gateway.

Care recorded in MCM Care App generates reports that, with a resident’s permission, the Relatives Gateway enables them to see from anywhere in the world. In the past year almost 1,000 people have used the service to keep in touch with those in care.

Reducing the need for phone calls, the Relatives Gateway brings families and friends closer together enabling messages and photos to be shared and, where appropriate, for the care delivered to be viewed and even care plans can be signed remotely – giving everybody greater comfort that those in care are receiving the best attention.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that 85% of care homes using Relatives Gateway are rated Good or Outstanding as they are being recognised by CQC for their transparency and excellent communication with families!

Using the Relatives Gateway:

  • Residents feel more in touch and less alienated from their relatives

  • Relatives are involved in care and worries can be soothed through the secure portal

  • Relatives can sign the care plan electronically, saving both them and the care home time

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Going Global: PCS in Australia

Through our reseller Belgravia, Mobile Care Monitoring is available in Australia. We are exhibiting MCM in Brisbane, Australia at the LASA National Congress 2017 this week.

Successful Care Show 2017

Alongside exhibiting at the Care Show this year, we presented at the Business Theatre. Andrew Coles, Product Manager at PCS, spoke on the subject of GDPR. He described the risks to the care industry if they don’t get prepared.

Is GDPR the Biggest Risk to your Organisation?

Doing nothing, or waiting until next year is simply not an option. We can help you achieve compliance with GDPR. Come to our presentation at the Care Show or sign up for our GDPR whitepaper.

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