Care Monitoring is a web application, which works with the Care App to measure the impact of care on a service user’s life.

Using Care Monitoring everyone involved in overviewing care can check how well care is being delivered within any community that they have access to.

Key benefits

  • Care records are always up to date
  • Charts and reports filled in automatically by care records
  • Managers and senior staff have the information they need at all times
  • Retrieving and sharing information with multidisciplinary teams is quick and easy
  • Confidence for CQC inspections
  • Accurate evidence of care enables increased funding
  • Live feed of evidence of care
  • Reduced safeguarding alerts
  • Enables well-led, safe and responsive services

How does Care Monitoring work?

The monitoring system displays everything that can be seen on the Care App. The most recent care interaction is indicated with an emotion icon to express how happy the service user is and flags indicate planned care actions that are coming due, are due or are overdue.

As carers evidence care, all the charts and reports are automatically updated. The care delivered can be viewed in several formats with date and person filters. There are automatic dashboards showing how well a community is doing, including alerts and flags for anything out of the ordinary.

Information relating to care interventions will be shown on all appropriate charts such as catheter, turning, fluid intake and output, nutrition, hygiene; graphs for measurements such as blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, respiration, pulse and temperature; and reports such as accidents, incidents, challenging behaviour, night checks and falls, without anyone having to fill in any additional paperwork.


‘In what I now consider the old days, I’d have to go through everyone’s paper files to check their care notes or find information on a particular resident – now it’s all at my fingertips. Our old notes captured the routine of care, whereas now we capture the real story of a day – it’s lovely to see the things my team do with residents and we can share this easily with their families too. With this amount of data comes confidence – confidence that we’re making timely decisions and providing the best care.’

Pearl Mackey

Manager at Four Ways, WCS Care

Analysis of care quality

Comprehensive analysis is a major feature that becomes useful after care has been delivered for a few days, and this becomes increasingly valuable as the system self-learns over time. The analysis allows managers, owners and senior staff to know that they are providing the best care possible, and highlights any aspect where improvements could be made.

There is also a shift handover process within Care Monitoring which is flexible and fast and allows carers and shift leaders to work together to minimise the work involved. Shift handover is an automatic process to help identify important care interventions and to reduce the amount of information everyone has to read.

Carers can highlight information to shift leaders if they feel it’s important, and shift leaders can choose to look at every care intervention or just the important ones. Every carer has the shift handover notes on their Care App and can confirm that they have read them. Shift leaders can see all the service users in a community and can enter shift handover notes or copy handover information entered by the carers. The shift leader can track all the carers on duty for any community and can see whether they have read the handover notes.

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