The Relatives Gateway enables a greater involvement of a service user’s social network, promoting inclusive and transparent care.

The Relatives Gateway is a secure portal used by the friends and family of service users to share messages and photos, and if appropriate, to view care provided and read and electronically sign the care plan.

Key benefits

  • Easy to keep in touch with family and friends of service users
  • Promotes transparent care practices
  • Photos and messages shared though a social network to keep family involved in care
  • Less scrutiny and complaints from family members
  • Care plan reviews can be signed electronically by relatives with power of attorney
  • Family members can see records, charts and analysis giving them peace of mind
  • Ability to see information and give access controlled by care home manager
  • Flexible system with the ability to only share information that the care home feels is appropriate

‘I wanted to let you know what a wonderful tool this is. With my only brother living in America our conversations were me trying to recall all those little details to him. Since he has had access to MCM the dynamics of our relationship has changed. We can now just chat as brother and sister. The pressure has been relieved from myself to try and relay everything to him. I would definitely recommend it to other families.’

Relative of resident

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How does the Relatives Gateway work?

Friends and family using the Relatives Gateway can send and receive pictures and messages to share family photos and enjoyable moments. If appropriate, they will additionally be able to see simple graphs showing how much care has been provided and view the care story, which provides recorded care information to relatives without compromising the care provider or service user. If a relative has power of attorney, they can view the complete care document and electronically sign the care plan to consent that the care is appropriate for the service user.

Access, security and integration

Every care provider controls which contacts can access the Relatives Gateway. Once the care provider gives a service user’s relatives connection rights to use the Relatives Gateway, they can log in to the secure portal using their email address and password from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The Relatives Gateway is brandable with the care provider’s logo as well as component based so it can be fully integrated into providers’ existing websites.

Care Planning

Everyone can see the care plans they need.


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Relatives Gateway: Care transparency in action


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