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Relatives Gateway

FREE Relatives Gateway for every care home in the UK to help you maintain communication with families during these unprecedented times. Find out more


Relatives Gateway is a secure online portal, part of the Mobile Care Monitoring service, that enables friends and family of those living in care homes to stay informed about their care as well as share messages and photos to keep in touch.

Designed to promote inclusive and transparent care, care homes using Relatives Gateway can give family members peace of mind through easy online access to records, charts and analysis about their loved ones. Photos and messages showing their loved one enjoying meals, activities and trips can be shared through the secure system. Care plan reviews can also be signed electronically by those with power of attorney. Relatives Gateway is also invaluable for relatives who live on the other side of the world.

The Relatives Gateway aims to also improve residents’ emotional and physical health. Over 80% of adults with mental health problems in UK nursing homes suffer from loneliness, according to research by a University of Bedfordshire student in 2015. And loneliness is as damaging to people’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day reports the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Relatives Gateway encourages transparency and openness. This has shown to develop relatives’ trust with care homes and reduce complaints. The online portal can replace telephone calls, giving care homes and relatives an easier way to stay in touch as family members can log in whenever they want, no matter where they are in the world.

Relatives Gateway systems work well for reminiscence as care homes can take, store and print off photos of residents such as outings and activities that they’ve enjoyed. They can also give value back to care workers too, since they show and recognise everything that they do, from key activities to the smallest acts of kindness.

Key Benefits

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Send messages and photos between residents, the care home and their relatives. The Relatives Gateway can be branded for your organisation so you can integrate it with your existing website
Create a competitive advantage and greater transparency by giving family members the ability to use the Relatives Gateway to access care information about their loved ones.
Share a summary of interventions and wellbeing indicators and a summary of the morning, afternoon, evening and night with relatives so they are involved in their loved one's care even when they can't be there.
The Relatives Gateway is referenced by regulators in care homes' inspection reports as improving communication, transparency and openness with families.
Digital care plan and consent to care is available electronically for those with the appropriate rights.
Contrary to the belief of some care providers who fear extra legal cases because of of sharing care information, hundreds of care providers using the Relatives Gateway find that being more open with relatives actually defuses any issues.

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Andy Kirby, manager of Oaktree Court, explains how Person Centred Software and Samsung have transformed the service. Care staff can evidence care on Mobile Care Monitoring in real-time and provide a better quality of care to residents. Part of Samsung's Healthcare Matters campaign.

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