Rating: Outstanding
Date: August 2017


‘Catering staff told us, “We have a special diet and allergies list plus people’s likes and dislikes. All food that is eaten is documented on the care plan electronic tablet, that applies to food and fluids. We also have a list of food and fluids that can interact with certain drugs. If someone’s diet changes we are informed, we have very good communications.’

‘The computer system allowed alerts to notify staff if someone needed to be ready for an activity they liked or were going out.’

‘People’s records showed contemporaneous records of the care provided by staff and staff were observed throughout the day updating records. Staff used a comprehensive computer care planning programme and updated care records using electronic tablets… Care plans included routines and preferences and there were separate care plans for day and night routines. An example of preferences include what the person’s usual routine was, any likes or dislikes and what was important to them.’

‘There was excellent communication about people’s needs with staff signing electronic shift handovers covering the previous 72 hours.’

‘It was important to the service to promote a ‘family feel’. This meant that people and their relatives and friends were very involved in the running of the home. For example, as well as regular newsletters and residents, family and friends meetings, promotion of the use of IT for communication with distant relatives.’

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