Rating: Good
Date: February 2016


‘The service used a system called Person Centred Software. This is an innovative mobile solution for evidencing care interactions and care planning for social care. Each member of staff had their own mobile handset where they were able to access all records and information for each person using the service. When care was given the details were uploaded to the device so all staff, managers and even relatives (where appropriate) could see what care and support had taken place. One member of staff told us, “The person centred software is really good. It’s great for updating records and knowing the behaviour of people.”‘

‘A detailed support plan was in place which covered areas such as medicines, mobility, eating and drinking, communication, and social and spiritual needs. Some people also had information about how to identify warning signs that they may present with behaviour that challenged the service and what staff could do to reinforce positive behaviours. We saw this information in people’s care files but we also saw this information in the Person Centred Software. As information was entered electronically at the point of care, we could see the most up to date information about people. When people’s health care needs changed this updated the care plan so staff always knew how to meet people’s needs.’

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