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365 Activities With Your Residents

Never run out of fun activities to do with your residents!

With different daily activities, and a handy printable calendar, you know your residents are going to enjoy their 2019!

You can download your free December activities calendar and your checklist by filling in your details below

Make sure to post your pictures on social media so we can see the smiles on your residents faces too!

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Here’s a preview of the first five days of December, download your free calendar and checklist for more fun activities


  1. Make a holiday wreath, get creative by using materials such as candy canes, paper rolls, wine corks, and clothespins. Use your imagination.
  2. Decorate and fill stockings with little presents. Try using felt, paint and a lot of glitter!
  3. Make festive baubles and decorate your Christmas tree. You could use wool, sequins or glitter to cover a plastic or paper bauble.
  4. Involve your residents as you decorate the home and their rooms. Give people choices of what decorations are used and where they are put. This would be a great occasion to invite family members to come and join in!
  5. Play some board and card games, or maybe a festive game of charades with your residents. The more the merrier!

Check back here for January’s calendar and checklist at the end of the month for another calendar full of interesting and exciting activities


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