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365 Activities With Your Residents

Never run out of fun activities to do with your residents!

With different daily activities, and a handy printable calendar, you know your residents are going to love their 2020!

You can download your free June activities calendar and your checklist by filling in your details below

Make sure to post your pictures on social media so we can see the smiles on your residents faces too with the hashtag #365Activities!

Remember to follow us on social media so you always have the best ideas and activities for your residents!


Here’s a preview of the first five days of June, download your free calendar and checklist for more fun activities


  1. World Milk Day – Have a small picnic with some dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, butter sandwiches etc.
  2. Rocky Road Day – Gather ingredients and make some rocky road with your residents to share together
    Exchange stories with your residents about their children and yours (if you have them)
  3. Chocolate Macaroon Day – With that left-over chocolate from the rocky road, make some chocolate covered macaroons with your residents to eat
  4. Hug Your Cat Day – See if you can arrange therapy cats to come to your care home, or for one to be brought in from a colleague
  5. World Environment Day – Take your residents outside, to a local park or garden to take in and enjoy the scenery

Check back here for July’s calendar and checklist at the end of the month for another calendar full of interesting and exciting activities


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