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Instant access to audit any compliance information so all the required information is instantly to hand when your home is inspected by CQC and other regulatory bodies
Receive more care notes of a better quality, and in a format that you can easily analyse care records. Avoid unnecessary stress or wasted time wading through paper records
Plan person-centred care routines that meet both the social and medical needs of the people you support. Create and review well-written, person-centred care plans, informed by evidence of care
Monitor the effectiveness of care and improve the management of care delivery. Access care intelligence to stay on the front foot and really be in control
Empower your whole team to succeed through effective handover processes and having visibility and accountability of all aspects of care provision
Provide your nurses and senior carers with more effective evidence of care to help them make informed decisions of real benefit to the people you support
Share information, automatically compiled from up-to-date care records, with ambulance and hospital staff in line with the Red Bag initiative, so they can treat and care for your resident quickly and easily
Enable greater transparency by enabling family members to use the Relatives Gateway to access care updates, and share photos and messages with their relative
Use Mobile Care Monitoring in partnership with the best solutions to create a complete care ecosystem for your care home


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