The market-leading Electronic Medicines Management System (eMAR) 

Person Centred Software’s market-leading eMAR system is easy-to-use and is proven to increase resident safety and improve care home compliance and efficiency. 

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The UK’s most widely
used Electronic Care Planning System

Person Centred Software's electronic care planning system enables care staff to evidence all aspects of care, from creating and managing person-centred care plans to risk assessments, charts and much more.

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PCS Time saving

Time Saving

Saves you time when booking in medication, reordering of monthly medication, and auditing your home. 


Barcode Technology

Unique barcode technology
ensures safety of
medicines administration. 

PCS App Use

Instant access

Instant access to information
at the palm of your hand. 

Introducing our

Electronic Medicines Management System in 60 seconds

What are the benefits of choosing Person Centred Software’s Electronic Medicines Management System?

PCS Medication
Reduces risk of medication errors.
PCS Stress
Continual monitoring of resident’s wellbeing. 
PCS Oversight of information
Complete oversight of all medication transactions through a centralised dashboard.
PCS UK Support
A UK based team covering support, development & technical aspects, which are all designed to ensure our customers gain the best experience from their investment.

What unique benefits will I get with ATLAS eMAR?

  • View care home and pharmacy data as a single health record
  • Manage stock and simplify prescription tasks
  • Experience full integration with their chosen pharmacy
  • Have access to full visibility over operations and regulatory measures
  • Have the flexibility to integrate with a variety of different care planning systems
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Join thousands of care homes across the UK using our eMAR system to improve medication safety, efficiency and compliance. 

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