Celebrating Care Home Open Day and Mick's 92nd Birthday at Little Gaynes

Gillian, Mick’s partner, staff from Person Centred Software, Nimfa the manager at Little Gaynes and staff from Little Gaynes with Mick’s birthday cake made by Apetito.

We celebrated Care Home Open Day with Little Gaynes Care Home in Upminster and Rose Lawn Care Home in Sidmouth on Saturday 21st April. The day was a double celebration for both care homes. Mick is a resident at Little Gaynes and Diana is a resident at Rose Lawn and both turned 92 on Saturday. Mick and Diana also share their birthday with the Queen!

Mick’s 92nd birthday cake

Diana and her birthday cake, Rose Lawn Care Home

Diana and her birthday cake at Rose Lawn Care Home

Care Home Open Day now in its 6th year and encourages care homes to open their doors to the public. Last year 2,568 care homes across the UK took part. The initiative is run by Care England, alongside Person Centred Software, CommonAge and Napa. This year’s plan was to emphasise the importance of care homes connecting with local communities, developing relationships and encouraging intergenerational rapport.

Care Home Open Day decorations and balloons

Little Gaynes Care Home originally didn’t plan to celebrate Care Home Open Day. But when they discovered that it coincided this year with Mick’s birthday, they were keen to celebrate it. Unfortunately, Mick was in hospital on the day, but the garden party to celebrate his birthday and Care Home Open Day went ahead with residents from Little Gaynes, families and the local community. Apetito made a fantastic birthday cake for Mick, with key dates from his life and the Queen’s life decorating the cake board. Some of the cake was taken to Mick and the rest was shared at the party. It was a beautiful day to have a garden party, with live entertainment, a barbecue and a raffle.


Little Gaynes Garden Party for Care Home Open Day 2018

Care Home Open Day celebrations at Little Gaynes Care Home

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