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Christmas With Your Residents

January 7, 2019 News

Love Christmas In Your Care Home!

Activities from the 1st of December, all the way up to Christmas Day ensures that your residents will love their Christmas in your care home

Christmas Activities:

  1. Make a holiday wreath, get creative by using materials such as Candy Canes, Paper Rolls, wine Corks, and Clothespins. Use your imagination
  2. Decorate and fill stockings, try using felt, paint and a lot of glitter!
  3. Make festive baubles and decorate your Christmas tree. You could use wool, sequins or glitter to cover a plastic or paper bauble
  4. Involve your residents as you decorate the home and their rooms. Give people choices of what decorations are used and where they are put. This would be a great occasion to invite family members to come and join in!
  5. Play some board and card games, or maybe a festive game of charades. The more the merrier!
  6. Ask the people you support for their favourite Christmas tunes and play them
  7. Have a Christmas sing a-long, you could even hire a pianist to perform at your care home!
  8. Have a ‘family film night’ with popcorn, extra pillows, and warm blankets to cuddle under
  9. Enjoy tea or coffee together as a group
  10. Bake some holiday cookies, like gingerbread and shortbread
  11. Cook or prepare mince pies together
  12. Have a gift wrap party – don’t worry if things aren’t perfectly wrapped, it’s the fun that counts!
  13. Give the people you support help with holiday cards – writing, addressing, or sealing envelopes
  14. Make and put on a nativity scene with your residents
  15. Admire the Christmas decorations in your care home and outside
  16. Go on an outing around the neighbourhood or through a local park
  17. Put together clips and pictures from residents’ previous holidays (try using Interactive Me)
  18. Make an indoor snowman by stuffing white pillowcases with scrunched up newspaper, a scarf and hat to accessorise and use black and orange card to make facial features. You could recount the Raymond Briggs story of the Snowman together
  19. Go to watch the local panto, you could even make an evening of it and take your residents to get some food as well
  20. Help your residents to choose gifts online to give to families, friends or other residents
  21. Ask people (or their families) if they have any Christmas traditions that they as a family or an individual would normally enjoy doing in the festive season. Can you help them to carry out that tradition this year?
  22. Find out when your local church is holding a carol service and take some of your residents along. If this isn’t possible, ask the church if they would be able to bring a service to you
  23. Host a Christmas craft day where you invite family members in to enjoy making some Christmassy goodies with their loved one
  24. Spend some time asking people what their goals/hopes are for 2019, have them on display somewhere and then work with friends, family and colleagues to try and make those things happen
  25. Enjoy Christmas!


Check out our new ‘365 Activities With Your Residents‘ for brand new activities for you and your residents to do in 2019!
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