How Person Centred Software and Centrim Life have helped Nanyima Care improve care for older people



Case Study

Find out why Nanyima Care, an aged care provider in North Queensland, are embracing the use of tech in their organisation. 

Nanyima Care, a stand-alone, not-for-profit residential aged care facility based in Mirani, Queensland, Australia, cares for those who are at the stage of their lives where they require expert help and care.    

The facility, established on 31st December 1990, currently has 51 beds funded by the government, with one of the beds offered as a free service to the community for emergencies. With around 80 staff members, volunteers and governance, composed of members of the community, Nanyima Care is an avid user of Person Centred Software's Clinical Care System and Centrim Life.  


Before the leap 

Before using the system, the staff at Nanyima Care were using old clunky software, which was unnecessarily complex and very slow. Evidencing care notes and capturing information was a challenge due to computer loading times, and care notes were sometimes left uncompleted because the carers had run out of time.  

Nanyima Care wanted a system to help the organisation improve the quality of care it provides to residents, transform its care records and help measure residents’ well-being more accurately. So they decided to take the digital leap and implement Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System in November 2021.   

Nanyima Care was ready to embrace technology when approached by Person Centred Software - they needed something quick and easy to use and learn, and Person Centred Software ticked all the boxes. 

Ready to embrace technology 

For the staff at Nanyima Care, implementing the Clinical Care System and learning how to use the software was a bit of a challenge at first - it was such a change to how the care workers had previously worked. But with the help of Person Centred Software's dedicated team of implementation and training experts, the staff at Nanyima Care got used to the system, and now the carers can't live without it!  

Bien Stirling, Director of Nursing and Facility Manager has worked at Nanimya Care for over 2 years now.  Bien loves the system:  

"The handheld devices used by our staff to evidence care are now done quickly and efficiently, giving our team more time to spend with residents. In addition, evidencing care notes are made in real-time, so our staff are now logging a lot more interactions than they were before. 

We have a diverse team working here, all from different backgrounds; because the care app is icon-driven, it can be used by everyone, so even if English is not their first language, our carers can click on the icons, and it writes the care notes for them, evidencing care notes is now much faster!’’  

From a manager’s point of view 

Bien continued, "We saw the potential to improve the quality of care for our residents and decided to make the shift. The system is very efficient and has changed how our carers work; it's helped them facilitate a better way of working. The Clinical Care System supports me a lot; care records are now accurate and up-to-date, and in a format I can quickly analyse, and the quality of the care records has massively improved. In addition, the system enables carers to spend more time providing direct care to residents’’. 

Nanyima Care’s advice to facilities still using paper documentation 

Bien finished by saying: "I would definitely recommend Person Centred Software to other aged care facilities; using the Clinical Care System has made the process so much easier for our staff to evidence care; they can now record data in real-time, and it helps our team to provide better person-centred care - it's a complete game-changer for care providers''. 

Support with AN-ACC 

Aged care homes need to show that they can evidence care to secure the necessary funding from AN-ACC.   Using Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System has ensured that  Nanyima’s aged-care facility met the needs of AN-ACC. 

Person Centred Software’s innovative digital clinical documentation systems, under the new model, allow for a more accurate and nationally consistent assessment process. In addition, the burden of paperwork is removed, which enables carers to focus on providing residents safe, effective and person-centred care. 

This helps demonstrate quality care for aged care homes and helps secure funding under the new model. 

Centrim Life 

Centrim Life is a consumer engagement and lifestyle management tool for aged care and retirement living. Through various cloud-based modules, which people can use through a website or on their mobile, Centrim Life aims to enhance the lives of consumers, family members and staff by facilitating solutions for every requirement. 

Nanyima Care started using Centrim Life, not long after implementing Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System. The facility started off by using the Visitor Management module. 

The Visitor Management module is a complete visitor management system with a QR code or mobile app-based contactless check-in and check-out.  Nanyima Care is now able to book visits from families based on automated time slots - this helps to reduce time on admin tasks and allows them to be better prepared in managing visits and people.  

Shortly after using the Visitor Management module, Nanyima Care decided to purchase all the modules Centrim Life had to offer.  They now use the following modules: 

  • Lifestyle and Communication Management – to help facilitate better communication with family and loved ones 
  • Feedback & Quality Management – an easy and prompt system for aged care providers to ensure a confidential yet transparent process of feedback acknowledgement and complaint resolutions 
  • Dining and online ordering – for improving dining operations and enhancing the mealtime experience for residents 
  • Maintenance & Asset Management –   for managing maintenance, assets and suppliers 

For more information on Centrim Life and its modules – click here.  

If you would like to know more about our Clinical Care System, please contact a member of our team 



I would definitely recommend Person Centred Software to other aged care facilities; using the Clinical Care System has made the process so much easier for our staff to evidence care; they can now record data in real-time, and it helps our team to provide better person-centred care - it's a complete game-changer for care providers. 


Bien Stirling, Director of Nursing and Facility Manager

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