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Case Study

We are pleased to share our partnership with VISTA Care, a group of residential and supported living services based in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

About VISTA Care

Established in 2007, VISTA Care is a medium-sized care provider for young adults with learning disabilities and autism with complex needs.

VISTA Care currently has 5 separate sites; all of which have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 service users. Currently, it has 25 service users over the 5 sites.

Meet Emma, the Registered Manager

Emma, registered manager at VISTA Care, kindly spoke to us about her role at the care homes: “I have held several different positions since joining the team in 2014; I have been a registered manager of 4 of the 5 services. I am now the registered supported living services manager and business development manager for the company.

I have been trying to look for a system that would allow us to move away from paper systems, enhance the quality of our services and at a cost effective price.”

Within her role, Emma focuses on developing the company and making sure quality care remains a top priority.

VISTA Care’s Introduction to Person Centred Software

Wanting to develop their care offering, the VISTA Care team trialled our digital care management system in one of their services in May 2020. The trial went down a storm – and by October/November that same year, they had decided to continue the rollout in other services.

Before they implemented Person Centred Software, VISTA Care was predominantly paper-based. The team had very few electronics as part of their day-to-day care provision.

Emma said: “[The shift] has been very well accepted by the staff. I think they were all quite apprehensive, particularly some members of staff who are not so “au fait” with technology. They were all very apprehensive about the process, but everyone has picked it up quickly; from that perspective, it is a very, very easy system to use.”

Emma and her team particularly enjoy its easy-to-use icons and voice prediction.

Emma added: “First of all, it was about getting people to use the system. Now, we are pushing to enhance the quality of the clinical notes. We can use the icons and add additional information with voice activation to ensure we are providing high quality clinical notes to meet the needs of our residents and commissioners.”

“The digital care system helps us to evidence how engaged that person was, what they got from the activity, how much support they needed, in-depth information about activities within personal care, what they have eaten, where they have been, and how long they were out in the community. The level of engagement required from staff is what the commissioners (social services, CCGs and local authorities) particularly look for and the system helps us to evidence this.”

The Benefits of Using Mobile Care Monitoring at VISTA Care

The team at VISTA Care has a broad age range of 17 – 78 – all of which find Mobile Care Monitoring easy and efficient to use.

Emma said: “[Mobile Care Monitoring] definitely saves time. From a managerial perspective, everything is in one place for me to check every morning. If I want to log into Mobile Care Monitoring at 11 pm to check everything has been ok, I can do so from home, securely, without ringing up.”

Emma’s colleagues have also found that Mobile Care Monitoring helps them save time at work, which they can spend interacting with residents instead.

Emma said: “I love the fact that the devices take pictures as well. To evidence the care we provide, we take photos. We take the hand-held devices out on community trips so we can record activities and download them straight on to the system.”

Since implementing Mobile Care Monitoring in their care provision, the VISTA Care team has documented on average over 1,000 care notes per day for their service users.

When asked whether she would recommend Person Centred Software to another care provider, Emma said: “I would definitely say it is a positive move and it has helped us a business.”

On behalf of all at Person Centred Software, we would like to thank Emma at VISTA Care for telling us all about her experience with Mobile Care Monitoring so far.

If you would like to find out more about VISTA Care, take a look at the website.


Mobile Care Monitoring definitely saves time. From a managerial perspective, everything is in one place for me to check every morning. If I want to log into Mobile Care Monitoring at 11 pm to check everything has been ok, I can do so from home, securely, without ringing up.

Emma Macavoy Registered Manager - Vista Care


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