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Person Centred Software’s digital care offerings in support of the Digitalising Social Care Records Programme

We have created the information below to provide the ICS’s around the country with the information they need regarding Person Centred Software’s Digital Care offerings in support of the Digitising Social Care Records (DSCR) Programme.

Our Customers

Currently, out of the homes that have already gone digital in the UK, around 70% of providers are using Person Centred Software due to:

  • Ease of use and easy implementation
  • Unique benefits that our system functionality provides
  • Reputation across the care sector – 250,000 care staff already trained, 122,000 residents supported, and 3590 homes implemented.

If you want to view which care homes are already implemented with Person Centred Software’s Digital Care System, please click on your area within the map.

We would encourage you to ask other system providers for the same transparency around their implemented customer base.


ICS Customers

What our customers have to say...

As the Operations Manager, the system is so useful. If I pick up an issue in one care home’s care records, I can investigate other care homes’ records to check the same issue isn’t in theirs in about two hours, compared to a week when we used paper. The system has been so valuable to help us maintain a high level of quality of care.

Operations Manager
Benslow Care Homes
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So that your grant funding covers as many homes as possible, we have created an exclusive offer for the Digitising Social Care Records (DSCR) Programme, which includes:

Significant discounts on our Digital Care Planning starter pack, which has everything the care homes need for the assured capabilities specified on the DSCR

To support and speed up the adoption of digital care planning in your region, we want to help your grant funding cover as many care homes as possible. We will contribute to this goal by waiving all implementation and training fees – this will free up funds from training and implementation fees, which you can use to implement more homes on the system within the funding levels you have.

To further support care providers on their digital journey, we have included a range of other digital services, including our: Clinical grade handheld devices for carers and nurses, ATLAS eMAR, ATLAS GP, Digital Reception, NurseCall Messaging, Care Sector Benchmarking and Action Plans and Audits, all of which are fully integrated into the digital care system. The care homes can purchase these from us directly outside the funding should they wish.

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A guide to implementation

We currently implement our Digital Care System in over 70 care homes monthly.
Since 2015 we have implemented our system in over 3590 care homes.
To achieve this, we follow a tried and tested implementation methodology that enables care homes to go live with the system after an hour’s initial training on our care app. This is followed up by shorter training sessions for senior staff around the digital care planning process.
Time Saving PCS

Care staff use the system within minutes

Saving Days PCS

Time saving of 3 days per month for every carer, nurse and home manager

App Use PCS

As care is evidenced on the app, resident files are automatically updated