Cedar Lodge Nursing Home


 August 2018


Inspection Report

‘All checks and charts were up to date on an electronic system used at the home. We noted all care plans had main risks displayed clearly for staff.’

‘The home used an electronic system to encourage safe practice and reduce the risk of medication errors for people. They used the electronic handset that indicated when a person was due their medicines. The administration, recording and storing of all medicines was safe and in line with Royal Pharmaceutical guidance.’

‘Care plans were held electronically and were person centred and very detailed. They included information about people’s personal care, communication, continence, daily lifestyle, maintaining a safe environment, medicines, mobility, nutrition and hydration, oral health, skin integrity and sleeping. Each part of the care plan provided enough detail to inform staff how each person wanted to have their needs attended to. They also included daily notes which were exceptionally detailed. Staff told us that the new electronic care planning system was very easy to use and enabled staff to quickly document care tasks, activities, food, fluids and people’s wellbeing. The system also prompted staff when time had passed without an interaction with people. ‘

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