Sharing information across health and social care services

National Record Locator (NRL)

What is the NRL?

The NRL is the future of sharing information to and within the NHS, and is already accessible to all parts of the health service via the Summary Care Record Application. It allows all parties involved in the direct care of a patient to have access to shared information, within England.

National Record Locator (NRL) allows the sharing of information with health and social care services nationally, such as the Advance Care Plan and the Hospital Pack/eRedBag so that other services, such as GPs, Hospitals and Ambulance services can access it. In the future we hope to use the NRL to also be able to look up information, such discharge letters.

Although the NRL is universally available to clinicians, paramedics, GPs and Community teams it works best when integrated into the single system for a user. This has been done in 2020 for the ambulance services and is starting to happen for the Local LHCRs.

Currently Mobile Care Monitoring is concentrating on the Emergency Transfer to Hospital pathway and provides proven care and wellbeing benefits for residents by providing Ambulance crews with the Advance Care Plan and DNACPR documents as they are on route to a care home and with the “URGENT REFERRAL FROM CARE HOME TO HOSPITAL

(Hospital pack)” as soon as the ambulance accepts the resident for transfer to hospital.

Sharing information in advance reduces the delays, as well making it more likely resident treatment wishes are adhered to, and the staff involved have a better understanding of any barrier nursing of infection issues before laying hand on the patient.

Sharing information about the long term needs and wishes of residents significantly improves their pathway though acute care if they are admitted to a ward from the emergency referral.

In future, Mobile Care Monitoring will continue to expand the information shared via the NRL as standards become available. One day the shared care record will be available nationally and the NRL will allow care homes to contribute and access all information required for the direct care of a resident/patient.

What is needed to use NRL?

Emergency situations via NHS NRL

You’ll need to sign the “Emergency situations via NHS NRL” in Mobile Care Monitoring