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Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)


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The PRSB was commissioned by the NHS as part of the NHS Demonstrators.

Person Centred Software is part of the advisory group which steers the creation of the standards for the Urgent Referral (transfer from care home to hospital) and the About Me record standard.

Person Centred Software represents care homes and care home software providers and contributed to the design and validation, making sure that our Mobile Care Monitoring solution will adhere to the national standard.

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The PRSB has published five draft standards for health and social care integration, and the following three are already starting to be adopted by social care software providers.

About Me
The first, and most advanced, is “About Me”, which contains the information that people who receive care, want to share about themselves. About Me will be incorporated into the Core Information Standard that is defined as “A set of information that can potentially be shared between systems in different sites and settings, among professionals and people using services.”

About Me will also be incorporated into the digital care and support plan standard which has been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of General Practitioners as well as the Care Provider Alliance.

Urgent referral from care home to hospital
The second draft standard that PRSB has published is for “Urgent referral from care home to hospital”. This is based on the information shared in the Sutton Red Bag, sometimes called the eRedBag, which has been implemented by a few social care providers and is actively in use.

Care homes view of shared care records
Another draft standard is the “Care homes view (of shared health and care records)” which will again be incorporated into the Core Information Standard which is expected to be available early this year.

The PRSB is looking at the standards for the layout of data, but another standard exists for the content of some of the days which is the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms – known as SNOMED CT.

SNOMED CT currently contains more than 300,000 medical concepts, divided into hierarchies as diverse as body structure, clinical findings, geographic location and pharmaceutical/biological product. Each concept is represented by an individual number and several concepts can be used simultaneously to describe a complex condition.

Healthcare has adopted clinical terminology for many years, and for social care to be fully interoperable with healthcare then a level of common terminology will be necessary.