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Aug 17, 2023

What is care planning?

Care planning allows care providers to understand why a resident is receiving care, the resident's medical history, preferences and personal details. It also provides vital information to care staff to help them provide the best possible care, support and treatment, helping to improve residents' safety and quality of life. 

It is essential that care plans meet the social and medical needs of the people care staff support; one of our highest priorities at Person Centred Software is ensuring residents receive the best care possible. Creating comprehensive person-centred care plans through Care Planning System's allows care providers to access residents' preferences and important information at the point of care when and where it's needed, as well as enables care staff to deliver high-quality, safe and personalised care more efficiently.  

How does care planning ensure consistency of care? 

A key function of creating and using care plans is to ensure there is consistency in the care that is provided, no matter who is caring for the person. If a good care plan is in place, then despite staff changeovers, rota changes, visits or schedule changes, the care provided will always be consistent and the quality of care will remain high. 

How does care planning help teams deliver care?  

We are all unique, and therefore one approach for all does not work when caring for people. Care teams are the people providing the care each day and part of that is being aware and reactive to any changes such as changes in needs or preferences. Care plans can be updated which then helps care staff to deliver care in the best and most efficient way possible.  

The benefits of digital care planning in health and social care

The benefits of digital care planning have been widely discussed in the care sector due to the government's aim for all CQC-registered adult social care providers to have access to a Digital Social Care Record by 2024.  

Our Care Planning System meets the government's target of digitised care records and gives care providers all the information they need for CQC inspections, helping to improve CQC scores. 

Find out how implementing Person Centred Software's Care Planning software has helped Amicura


The benefits of digital care planning using Person Centred Software's Care Planning System

  • Helps to create comprehensive person-centred care plans
  • Incorporates body maps, wound care, fluid and nutrition monitoring, oral hygiene and much more 
  • Provides secure digital access  
  • Supports the delivery of holistic assessments 
  • Includes industry-acknowledged tools
  • Enables care staff to review alerts automatically 
  • Allows care staff to monitor the effectiveness of care plans 
  • Helps to track consistent care needs  
  • Information feeds into the Care Planning System automatically  
  • Accessible at all times  


Tara, Registered Manager at Mulberry House, is now confident she can produce excellent information through the Care Planning System, regardless of whether it's for a CQC inspector, a social worker or a family member.   
The Care Planning System is ahead of the market compared to other care management systems, and the depth and quality of the data on the system are amazing; the system enables our care teams to deliver high-quality, safe and person-centred care.
Tara Cross
Registered Manager at Mulberry House
August 17, 2023

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