Digital Reception

A front of house, hands-free reception system

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Digital Reception is a front of house system that is highly configurable and supports any number of locations.

The system operates on Android or Apple touchscreen tablets, but also has a hands-free operation that uses people’s smartphones to avoid the need to touch the screen.

Welcome screen and QR code access

The person arriving at a Digital Reception terminal is presented with a welcome screen. The prompts may be different, and any number of different types of person can be catered for.

Below each name is a QR code which changes every few minutes. A person can scan this QR code on their personal smartphone and the system will transfer automatically to their phone so that there is no need to touch the terminal. By the QR code changing every few minutes there is no opportunity for people to take a photo of the QR code, so this mechanism is suitable for proof of presence.

After the person chooses if they are arriving or leaving then they are asked to enter some details.

The information requested is all customisable based on profiles that the organisation defines. Prompts can be mandatory or optional.