Digital Reception Features

A front of house, hands-free reception system

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Driving Outstanding Care

Collect feedback using Digital Reception

Gather relevant feedback

There are further prompts and information depending on the configuration defined, but one key aspect of Digital Reception is feedback, which is again fully configurable, and can map to regulatory requirements, such as CQC.

Any number of feedback questions can be asked, with responses of Yes/No; a choice of one to 5 stars, or the option to enter any amount of text.

Feedback can be automatically sent to comparison sites, such as – thereby providing a valuable feedback loop for people interested in the services available at the location in future.

The terminals can continue operating in the event of a power or internet failure due to supporting a comprehensive off-line infrastructure and storing the data on the terminal whilst off-line.

The system is administered via an easy to use interface which provides valuable statistical feedback in addition to setting up the configuration for the terminals. 

All locations can be configured centrally, with the terminals automatically updating when the configuration is changed.

Analyse your Digital Reception data

View and analyse data via our dashboard

Each location can support any number of devices, and each device can be configured to allow any number of different profiles of people. The system shows the information for a location with clear analysis of usage so that it’s easy to spot any terminal that is not on-line, or has not been recently used.

The configuration is based on profiles, which are types of people, and these contain numerous configurable elements to ensure maximum flexibility.

Each profile is linked to any of the feedback types, for example visitors can be asked for feedback about the home, whereas staff can be asked how their day was, or to be instructed that there is an event that they need to be aware of like a fire drill.

There is an analysis dashboard that enables an overview of feedback across all locations, as well as exports of the information captured at the terminals.

The option to import information from other systems can be setup to operate very night, thereby ensuring that the information in Digital Reception matches care planning systems, such as Mobile Care Monitoring.

Digital Reception is an evolving system and we will continue to grow its functionality based on market needs and customers feedback.

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