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Co-Founder features in Financial Times article

November 29, 2018

Person Centred Software was featured in the Financial Times.

We are so pleased that our co-founder and director, Jonathan Papworth, was featured in the Financial Times news article ‘The myth of the young start-up whizz’, talking about the stigma against older entrepreneurs and a study published this year by the US National Bureau of Economic Research, a private, non-partisan research organisation, which shows that businesses launched by older entrepreneurs are usually more successful.

Below is an extract from the article:

‘The ability to draw on industry connections and experience is one thing 59-year-old UK-based, serial software entrepreneur Jonathan Papworth credits for the success of his latest venture, Person Centred Software.

He says the idea for the business – which enable workers in care homes to save time by accessing and reporting treatment – related information from their mobile devices – came from working in his previous start-up, which was in the same field. “we knew the right senior people to meet. Because they knew us, they were willing to meet,” he says.

PCS is five years old and, according to Mr Papworth, will make at least £400,00 in pre-tax profits for the year to next May.

“It’s down to experience,” he says. “This is my most successful venture yet.”’


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