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Asprey Court Care Home

Rating: Good
Date: July 2018


‘We found that people’s care records were reviewed and updated when required. The provider had implemented an electronic system to record details about the care being delivered to people. This information was recorded via handheld devices given to staff. The devices ensured staff had access to up to date information about people’s care needs and were able to update records as and when needed as they always had their handheld devices with them. Staff spoke positively about this method of care recording and one member of staff told us, “It makes it a lot easier, as you don’t always have time to sit and write things down, but with the devices, you can update as you go”.’

‘The provider informed us and relatives confirmed, that people and their relatives, where people agreed access to this, could have access to the system to view their care records at any time. They also spoke of their intentions to further develop this system to ensure people and their relatives could get further involved in care planning by accessing the information held within the system remotely at times to suit them; increasing the flexibility of people being able to be involved within their care planning.’

‘We saw that systems were in place to monitor the quality of the service. For example, auditing systems were in place that covered looking at care records, medication, infection control and people’s dining experience. We saw that where areas for improvement were identified, an action plan was implemented to address this.’

‘The electronic care recording system also allowed the manager to continuously monitor the care being provided and sent alerts to the manager where a care task had been missed. For example, if a person hadn’t been supported to reposition at the correct time. This meant that the care provided could be monitored in real-time to reduce the risk of errors or omissions.’


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