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Chelsea Court Place

Rating: Good
Date: February 2018


‘Care plans evidenced people’s diverse needs and records were stored electronically and updated at the time people received care. Relevant external health practitioners had access to these. ‘

‘Alerts showed up on people’s electronic care plan to remind staff about how much fluid people had and if they were at risk of malnutrition. For one person their records showed they had fortified meals, did not have any specific food requirements and was able to make their own choice about their preferred options for meal times.’

‘Care plans were held on the provider’s electronic system and the information about people’s needs was recorded ‘live’. Staff had access to an electronic app in a hand held device which they completed each time they provided care and support to people. For example, each time people were supported to have a drink or were turned and positioned this was recorded electronically. Registered nurses also had access to record and update their nursing interventions. There were live recordings of activities people had attended on the inspection day. For example, we could see where a person had joined a reading group followed by attendance at a reminiscence group. This meant that people’s overall care needs were captured as soon as care was provided to ensure that staff could be responsive to their changing needs. ‘

‘People’s health records held at the service were accessed electronically by the GP who added their own notes after giving advice or when visiting people in the home.’

‘Electronic records were being updated so people’s families could have access through a website portal and view their family members records to see their daily care records and activities people had participated in.’


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