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Felbury House

Rating: Good
Date: December 2018


‘The provider had implemented an electronic system of care planning and recording since our last inspection. Staff carried iPods with them, which they used to access information about people’s needs and record the care they provided. This enabled the provider and registered manager to monitor the care people received in real time rather than having to retrospectively audit paper records. The provider highlighted some of the ways in which using the new system had led to improvements in people’s care.’

‘The provider told us, “We obviously have always monitored fluids, but the new software is excellent at identifying who has not had enough to drink each day and flags up red during the day if fluid intake is not as it should be.” The provider said the system could also be used to alert staff if people’s needs changed, reporting, “The BANNER system on the care planning software is excellent – if we need to inform any staff of a resident’s higher risk of falls we can change the banner immediately: this scrolls across the top of the iPod in capital letters warning staff of the increased risk.”‘

‘Staff also told us about benefits achieved since the implementation of the electronic care planning system. They said using the electronic system was quicker than the previous paper-based system, which gave them more time to spend with people. Staff told us incident records were now more accurate as they were able to record details of events immediately. The provider said the system also enabled relatives, with people’s consent, to view their family members’ care records remotely.’


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