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Forest Healthcare, Bridgeside Lodge

Rating: Outstanding
Date: December 2017


Records showed that care plans were comprehensive and consisted of information that was person centred and reflected care needs and preferences of people who used the service. The information in various care documents, such as, pre-assessment forms, care plans and risk assessments was consistent, regularly reviewed and up to date. At the time of our inspection, the home was also at the final stage of implementing a new, progressive, person centred Mobile Care Monitoring system. The system was designed to create comprehensive care plans that were easy to keep updated when people’s needs changed and to record daily care with a few taps on designated pictorial care icons on an iPad device. The system was easy to use and gave staff instant access to current information on care needs of each individual. Its interactive nature allowed staff to record care as they provided it and with people present. This innovation effected in staff having more time to spend with people on social and fun interactions.

Since the last inspection, the home had introduced an electronic portable care planning and recording system that allowed quicker record keeping and gave the staff more time to spend with people on social and fun activities.


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