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Rating: Good
Date: January 2018


‘Staff used an electronic care planning and monitoring system to record all incidents which occurred with people. The registered manager, the home manager and the provider’s behavioural specialist collated and analysed these records to look for causes and trends. From these incidents, risk assessments and guidance were updated. The service looked to reduce the incidents that occurred by recognising the early signs that people were anxious and anticipating when incidents may occur, thus preventing incidents from happening rather than just reacting when things go wrong. The home manager told us, “All the care plans and risk assessments are constantly evolving, taking into account what’s happened in previous incidents and what works best when supporting people.” One person’s relative told us, “The work staff has put in means the aggression and frustration [my relative] feels has greatly decreased over time.” Records demonstrated that people had experienced a gradual reduction in the number of incidents they were involved in. One social worker told us, “The current placement at Glebelands [for person] provides appropriate support which over time has reduced the risk and frequency of challenging behaviours.”‘

‘People’s families were involved in formal review meetings with staff and were also able to log into the service’s electronic care planning and monitoring system to check on their relative’s wellbeing or make suggestions to staff about making care more effective.’


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