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Grange Lea Residential Care Home, Orange Care

Rating: Good
Date: October 2017


‘Since they were last inspected, Grange-Lea had introduced an electronic mobile care monitoring system, person centred software. All care plans were held electronically and staff had individual hand held devices to record all aspects of care. This allowed staff to record care as it was given and alerted the registered manager and staff of any care needs that were required, such as a person requiring their position changing or how much food and fluid they had during that day.’

‘People’s care plans were based on their initial assessment, and were comprehensive and detailed, providing staff with relevant and appropriate guidance in how to support each person. There was personal information in people’s care plans describing how the person wanted to spend their time, their likes and dislikes and other preferences. For example, one person liked to have all their drinks in a plastic beaker with two handles as they found this lighter and easier for them to hold. This was put into their care plan so that staff would know this was important for them. Another care plan told staff that a person liked to eat their breakfast in their room looking at the view of the sea. This meant that people received care that was totally individualised, person centred and based on how they wanted to be treated and looked after.’

‘With the introduction of the electronic care planning system, the registered manager was able to ensure that every aspect of people’s care was assessed, reviewed and evaluated on a daily basis. There were systems in place to review the quality of service in the home. Monthly audits were carried out to monitor areas such as care plans, accidents and incidents, and medication. Monthly development plans, based on quality assurance and observations, were completed to drive improvement.’


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