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Ladydale Care Home

Rating: Good
Date: July 2018


‘A new electronic system had been introduced and staff had a mobile device with people’s detail on and staff could record how they had supported people. Staff were complimentary of the new system. One staff member said, “The system is quicker and it gives us more time with the residents. There’s enough information and we can be among residents.” Another member of staff told us, “Online is absolutely brilliant, it’s got everything at hand and quick to get.’

‘It speeds things up and is better for the residents. It’s good for monitoring care staff too as we can see what needs to be done.” The electronic system allowed data, such as people’s weight or blood sugar level to be shown in graphs helping staff see improvement or deterioration. A staff member told us that a dietician had asked for someone’s weigh recently and they had used the app: “It’s brilliant, you just go in and see [the information] right away.” The area manager said, “The electronic system will be excellent for audit and knowing what’s getting done” and they went on to say, “There’s nowhere to hide with an electronic system.”‘

‘There were future improvements planned so that people and relatives could have access to the electronic system, for their own records. This meant the provider was taking steps to change and improve how the service was monitored and to ensure people were getting the care and support necessary. ‘


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