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Marie Louise House Nursing Home

Rating: Good
Date: May 2018


‘At this inspection we found that improvements had been made. People’s care plans were now accessed via an electronic system. Staff used hand held tablets or computers to write, update and read people’s care plans which covered a range of areas. Overall, people’s care plans now provided a detailed record of their individual needs, how these were being met and the person’s preferences and choices and daily routines. This enabled staff to have a good knowledge and understanding of the people they were supporting and helped to ensure people received care and support which was responsive to their needs.’

‘The electronic care planning system contained a number of features that helped to effectively monitor and review risks to people’s health and wellbeing. For example, key information about people’s needs such as whether they had a do not resuscitate order, (DNACPR) or were at risks of falls or had allergies to medicines, were clearly displayed on banners on the hand held tablets used by staff. Staff were able to use the tablets anywhere in the home, allowing them to make contemporaneous updates to people’s care plans. Each person’s electronic dashboard noted the care tasks that had taken place and those that were due, such as helping people to reposition or to eat and drink. If these were not completed then this would be flagged. The registered manager was able to monitor each person’s record more effectively and would be alerted, for example, if people’s care plans had not been reviewed each month.’


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