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Parklands Nursing Home

Rating: Good
Date: November 2017


‘The provider used an electronic care planning system which meant that people’s plans of care could be immediately updated to reflect any changes in their care and support needs. All the staff we spoke with felt that care plans were relevant to people’s needs and they could inform change when required. One staff member said, “If I noticed that someone’s needs were changing, or a new risk had developed, I know that I can inform management and that records would be updated. It is a good system and people’s needs are recorded well.”‘

‘The provider had introduced and now embedded into practice an electronic care planning system to ensure that people received the care that they needed in line with their individual preferences. The provider had utilised observational and reflective supervisions for staff that were focussed upon considering people’s experience of living in the home and how staff could improve this as a basis for staff development. This helped to underpin the person centred focus that we found during this inspection.’

‘The provider used an electronic system for care planning which enabled them to monitor and respond to changes in people’s needs in a timely manner to maintain their safety and well-being. People’s risk assessments were individualised to their needs and explained the proactive and reactive strategies for staff to follow in order to promote people’s safety.’

‘Staff completed food and fluid charts electronically and the amount that people ate or drank was monitored closely by nursing staff. ‘


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