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Spring Lodge

Rating: Good
Date: November 2017


‘People’s care records were accurate, reflected their needs, and were regularly reviewed and updated. They were held secure on an electronic care system that staff could access and input information via a hand held device or computer in the office. A member of staff said, “The new system means you can add in information straight away like what (person) has eaten, any incidents, visits from GP, district nurses, medication. It’s really easy to use.” They added, “It prompts you if a person’s medication is due, if they need to be weighed, if you need to push fluids. We do this anyway but the records are more up to date, reflect a truer picture of a person’s day. Alerts go to the seniors if something is outstanding.” The manager advised that once the implementation of the new system had finished, plans were in place to support staff to provide more personalised information including reflections on mood and well-being. ‘

‘Systems were in place which showed that the service continued to improve. This included the current implementation of the electronic care planning system. Staff had been trained and supported in using the hand held devices and implementation was well underway.’

‘Records were comprehensive and well-kept using an electronic system that staff advised was easier to use and had reduced the number of errors. One member of staff said, “I wasn’t sure at first if I would get on with this system; am not the most confident with new technology, but I have been really impressed. It’s very clear what you have to do and the number of errors has reduced as you can’t move onto the next person without completing each bit and entering it onto (hand held device). It (device) flashes up if something hasn’t been done and will send an alert to the manager so it all gets followed up.”‘


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