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Toby Lodge

Rating: Good
Date: March 2018


‘The service had a digital software system which was an innovative mobile solution for evidencing care interactions and care planning for social care. Each member of staff had their own mobile device where they were able to access all records and information for each person using the service. When care was given the details were uploaded to the device so all staff, managers and even relatives, with permission, could see what care and support had taken place. We saw that hourly checks at night were in place and staff used the software to scan a barcode to confirm that a check on a person had been made. A member of staff said, “We do it to make sure that people are safe.”‘

‘Person centred support plans were accessible to staff through a digital device and as information was entered at the point of care, we could see the most up to date information about people. For example, staff recorded what people had eaten for breakfast or what they had scheduled in for the day. We saw one person had been supported to a healthcare appointment and this information had been updated into their records. Alerts were set up to make sure important tasks and events were not missed and if people’s health care needs changed this could be updated immediately and all staff would have access to see what action had been taken. With permission, people’s relatives could access the software and see what care and support had taken place. One support worker said, “With this software, it’s quicker to record what we’ve done and more effective, meaning we can spend more time with people.”‘


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