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We deliver seamless Medication Administration services

March 20, 2018 News

Person Centred Software launches an advanced medication administration capability for its leading Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM) service so that medication can be seamlessly integrated as part of a resident’s daily routine. The MCM Care app is now a single evidence repository for all care delivered, creating an eco-system of linked systems that demonstrates all the hard work delivered by care providers.

The company is collaborating with Medication Management providers such as MED e-care and CareMeds to deliver enhanced functionality to care providers. Whilst the MCM Care App already produces a record of medication administered, the new partnerships deliver full electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) capabilities for the delivery, control, audit and workflow of the entire drug supply. It is integrated with data provided by leading high street and independent pharmacies to reduce the chance of error.

Jonathan Papworth, Co-Founder and Director of Person Centred Software says, “We’ve been able to administer medication through our electronic care system for some time but with the addition of partners such as MED e-care and CareMeds, we can now offer full integration with pharmacies.

“Medication can be combined with all the care needs and actions required for a resident providing a holistic view and comprehensive record of care and support. In addition to any prescribed or planned medication, the MCM Care App can be used to record any PRN meds, creams, observations and other medication related activity, such as flu jabs or other injections. “

The medication system has been fully validated following a proof of use placement within a complex mental health needs provider. This included rigorous tests during offline work conditions caused by random internet drop outs. The system was signed off by the provider as being an improvement to the paper MAR chart, passing information clearly between staff, and being safe during breaks in internet availability.

Care homes can use now replace paper-based Medication Administration Records by using Mobile Care Monitoring to plan and record medication for residents.  It delivers a fast, accurate and effective method for evidencing the support required and delivered for the medical and medication needs of people living in care homes.

This press release was published in Health + Care Show

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