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Liaise Loddon – Sansa House rated Outstanding

July 5, 2017 News

The people Liaise Loddon support all have severe learning disabilities relating to autism and often display very challenging behaviour. Many have epilepsy, physical disabilities and mental health problems. Sansa House have been using Mobile Care Monitoring for three years with all homes rated Good by CQC until this week when the most recent inspection rated Sansa House Outstanding.

Key points picked up by CQC in their inspection are:

The provider had installed Person Centred Software (PCS), which was linked to the electronic devices staff used to record people’s daily notes. This system also provided alerts when required, for example; to remind staff if people had initially declined their medicines. This innovative system enabled relatives to see what their loved one was doing at any given time through a ‘relative’s portal’. Clearly visible icons displayed people’s moods so people authorised to visit their records could see at a glance how they were feeling. The relative’s portal also had a gallery of photographs showing people enjoying themselves completing different activities.

Relatives provided positive feedback about the development of PCS. One person told us, “One of the strengths of this service has always been the joined up communication between relatives and the staff. They have always been excellent at providing important information, keeping us involved and updated. This new development again shows why they are always trying to make things even better.”

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