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Activities App

The Activities App frees up staff time to engage with service users more.

With less paperwork to complete, activities staff are under less pressure and service users receive more engaging activities.

Key Benefits

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Like the Care App, time is saved on paperwork using the MCM Activities App so that staff can spend more time with residents.  
Ensures that activities coordinators have all the information they need while they are providing activities for service users.
The Activities App feeds information about service user’s life history, skills and behavioural responses into the care plan, so important observations are known about by care and nursing staff.
Measuring residents' activities in detail, such as the effect of time spent outdoors, can be used to improve residents' general wellbeing in other areas of their care.

How has it helped?

Mobile Care Monitoring has helped countless people across the country. Alison Redhead, Registered Manager at Minster Grange Care Home, has been using MCM for years, and explains why her decision to switch to electronic care was worth every penny

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What solutions does Activities App give care homes?

The information that activities staff record is visible for care workers, feeds in to the manager’s monitoring system and informs care plans. With activities information being shared widely, valuable insights into service users’ life history and participation and enjoyment of activities are known by everyone involved in their care and ensures they are receiving the most appropriate and person-centred care.
Activities staff can schedule any activity on the Activities App for multiple service users as a group, and evidence it within the Activities App, rather than spending time writing on paper. The time that is saved on paperwork can be spent providing more time for activities for residents.
Recording activities electronically gives the ability for this information to be used in other parts of the Mobile Care Monitoring system. For instance, using the Activities App, service users’ location during activities can be monitored to ensure that they have time outdoors every day, which has been shown to improve residents’ mood and wellbeing.


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