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While all of our products are easy to use and quick to learn, we train and support all of our customers to gain the most from Mobile Care Monitoring.

Enablers for our customers

Implementing Mobile Care Monitoring in your care home is simple. We provide free user guides and videos enabling you to implement the system independently. However, if we are asked to implement the system we tend to follow the plan below. Any training you require can be provided on request, which, if on site, is priced at £500 a day plus expenses.

Get started straight away

As we are a cloud based system, you do not need to have any IT equipment on site. You can start using Mobile Care Monitoring immediately. We can rent devices to you that suit your organisation and staff roles so that you don’t need to spend money on handheld devices or computers to get started. All of the devices we provide are specially prepared, so that staff cannot use the devices’ capabilities for anything other than Mobile Care Monitoring. Devices are provided with charging racks, screen protectors, and lanyards so that they are robust and ideal for use in care homes. We also provide you with ongoing device support.

How we implement care homes

A pilot site usually requires one full day of implementation training on evidence of care for carers and managers and one follow up day of advanced care planning training. The amount of training required depends on the size of your home and how many staff members you would like us to train. We will deliver your devices if you have ordered them from Person Centred Software on the first day of training.

Time to set up

Before we undertake staff training, we ask the manager and senior staff to create the basic details for all service users and staff members. We also like to ensure that staff can login as themselves on the Care App and Monitor, that the carer devices are set-up for the appropriate location, and that a reasonable number of service users have been created with pictures.


‘Mobile Care Monitoring is everything a care manager needs to manage the care in their home’

Steven McLean

Registered Manager, The Downes Residential Care Home

Simple steps to get you up and running

We book a date for onsite implementation of the system in 3 weeks’ time with you once your order has been placed. The implementation consists of training staff on the evidence of care, or training the manager and senior staff to train other staff.

1. On-site implementation training

The onsite implementation day we train the manager and senior staff on evidence of care, and either train care staff on the Care App or support the manager or senior staff to train them. We tend to repeat sessions so that all staff members can be involved. We tend to have up to 8 staff per session. Sessions last one hour, but can be as quick as 30 minutes.

2. Optional advanced care planning training

We include an advanced care planning training session to make sure you get the best out of the system.

3. Go paperless

 We ask you to set a ‘go paperless’ date as other customers have found benefit in aiming for a specific end date for the historic paperwork based processes.

Mobile Care Monitoring

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