Mobile Care Monitoring is built with the most robust security in the world. We do not allow your data to be tampered with in any way. Our security contract sets out how we protect your data.

Our security contract with you

The Mobile Care Monitoring data is stored and processed in accordance to current and UK Legislation, and will be continually updated as UK Legislation changes in May 2018.

In addition Person Centred Software will seek to meet and exceed the IG Toolkit for social care providers.

Person Centred Software as the provider of the Mobile Care Monitoring service, is a Data Processor on behalf of Social Care Providers who are themselves the Data Controllers.

The Mobile Care Monitoring data is hosted at Microsoft Azure in two European Data centres meeting all 28 nation states data piracy laws. More information is available:

Customers are responsible for authorising staff, relatives and other agencies to access the data, using the system to control access.

The Mobile Care Monitoring data is only available to the customers authorised users via a username and password and Person Centred
Software only access the data as an agent of the customer.

The Mobile Care Monitoring data stored on mobile devices is encrypted where the devices support it, Person Centred Software only recommend apple iPod Touch 5th Gen onwards and Samsung XCover3 onward devices which both support data encryption at rest.

No personally identifiable data is stored outside of the EU region from any part of the Mobile Care Monitoring system, please be aware that Mobile Care Monitoring Photostream is designed not to leave pictures on the device and not to use Apple or Google services, which don’t meet the UK legislation.

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