Driving Outstanding Care

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How care providers are managing medication through eMAR systems

Electronic medication management systems help to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency and accountability.

Technology and the use of data improve quality of care

Learn how technology and the use of data enable care providers to improve the quality of care.

Transform the way you document care and achieve ‘outstanding’ with CQC by going digital and implementing Person Centred Software’s care management system, Mobile Care Monitoring

Person Centred Software’s care management software, Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM), is currently one of the most popular digital care systems in the UK with over 3000 care providers using the platform.

1 year of using GP Connect: Find out how we have helped care providers get quick and easy access to GP records  

Our GP Connect integration gives registered nurses at care homes secure and direct access to GP records and medical notes of those being cared for in real-time. This improves clinical decision making and facilitates better patient care and outcomes.