Care home maintenance: an essential guide on how care homes are managing maintenance requests, jobs, and assets all in one place

Care home maintenance: Discover how care homes manage maintenance requests, jobs, and assets, all in one place, with our handy guide.
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How digital care technology can dramatically help reduce resident falls in UK care homes

With an increasingly ageing demographic, a significant public health challenge is the incidence of falls. Learn how digital care technology can reduce falls in care homes.

A selection of customer reviews

Listen to our valued customers explain why they would recommend Person Centred Software's Mobile Care Monitoring to other care providers.

Utilising digital technology to boost family connections all year round

The chances of a second consecutive winter period spent engulfed by the disruption and confusion of COVID-19 is looking increasingly likely.

Tech Talk: How digital technology has transformed how care homes operate throughout Scotland

Melanie Wilson, General Manager at Dryfemount Care Home, shares how technology has helped to transform the care they provide at their care home in Scotland.

Bedford Citizens Housing Association explains how Mobile Care Monitoring has transformed the way they care for their residents

Bedford Citizens Housing Association explains the benefits of using Person Centred Software's Mobile Care Monitoring system.

Canford Healthcare explains how Person Centred Software has improved quality of care for their nursing and dementia residents

Laird MacKay, Chief Operating Officer at Canford Healthcare explains why they implemented Person Centred Software and how it has benefited their homes.

How technology can be utilised to empower those in leadership positions in social care

With it being International Leadership Week, we reflect on leadership and how technology can be utilised to empower those in leadership positions to improve outcomes in social care. 

Care home secures much-improved rating

A specialist care home has seen its recent investment and raft of measures dedicated to improving residents’ lives acknowledged by the CQC with a significantly-improved rating.