Digital Monitoring is Integral for Living Horizon



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Living Horizon in Aylesbury provides a robust service to its mental health residents through digital monitoring in Person Centred Software's system.



Waqas and Zonera Rehman, owners and registered managers of Living Horizon, are impressed by the digital monitoring they can do using Mobile Care Monitoring. It provides recording and monitoring all areas of service users’ support.

Waqas finds the system incredibly useful when he is out of the office. “I can monitor what’s going on with potentially risky clients instantly from my phone.”

Living Horizon’s specialist mental health service

Living Horizon is a specialist mental health care provider with two sites based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Their support workers use Mobile Care Monitoring to evidence the support they provide for six service users.

The service users supported at Living Horizon are vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, mental health issues, acquired brain injuries and other complex needs.

Digital monitoring using Mobile Care Monitoring

As Mobile Care Monitoring immediately highlights any missed or critical planned care and alerts managers to incidents and accidents that have occurred during a shift, Waqas is able to intervene straight away if he sees risks developing. He doesn’t have to wait for staff to report something to him, which new staff can forget to do.

“Monitoring risk cannot happen with paper records, and the system is a resource for providing a better level of support for our clients.”

Waqas says, “Monitoring risk cannot happen with paper records, and the system is a resource for providing a better level of support for our clients.” At Living Horizon the live care feed is often utilised and Waqas calls it the “fifth emergency service, after the AA!”

Digital monitoring supported by external professionals


The system is not only benefiting Living Horizon, but the multitude of psychiatrists, police, social workers and staff from housing organisations who are involved in supporting their clients.

As support is evidenced it is collated into numerous reports to provide each professional with the information that they require and these people now have increased confidence in the reports Living Horizon provide. Waqas and Zonera are extremely pleased that their records are respected by the professionals they work with.

With Mobile Care Monitoring, Living Horizon have a system that makes recording and auditing service users’ care and any potential risk factors that have occurred quick and easy.

Waqas says that he particularly likes that “evidencing is done with icons to make it immediately apparent what we’re looking at”.

The system is provided at a cost effective price for a supported living care provider. Electronic care and support plans and risk assessments form care planning within Mobile Care Monitoring, meaning that Waqas and Zonera did not need to purchase any additional software to measure support delivered against the service users’ support plans.


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Monitoring risk cannot happen with paper records, and the system is a resource for providing a better level of support for our clients.




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