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A range of easy-to-use products, digitising the aged care sector

Transforming residential aged care 

At Person Centred Software (PCS), we strive to improve the quality of life for people being cared for and residential aged care providers by offering a wide range of easy-to-use products, allowing providers more time with residents and less stress on administrative tasks.

Using the Clinical Care System has helped us meet the new Aged Care Quality Standards. We have instant access to audit compliance information and can now provide detailed evidence of care to demonstrate to ACQSC and other regulatory bodies.

Ada Cheng
CEO, Australian Nursing Home Foundation

Our Residential Aged Care Software

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Clinical Care System

The Clinical Care Management System is used by single sites to large organisations globally. 

The software enables aged care staff to evidence all aspects of care, from creating and managing person-centred care plans to risk assessments, charts and much more.  

Oomph On demand platform

Oomph! Wellbeing & Activities Platform

Explore our extensive range of specialist activity programmes available 24-7 with Oomph! on-demand, tailored to meet the interests and needs of those in care.

Centrim - Lifestyle

Lifestyle Management

The Lifestyle Management system helps to enhance community engagement by sharing news, stories and announcements, showcasing the community’s environment, lifestyle, and wellbeing within your residential aged care home. 

Centrim - Communications

Communications Management

The Communications Management system helps to improve the communications between staff, residents and loved ones through secure private messaging on an app, SMS, and email within your aged care home. 

Centrim - Maintenance-1

Maintenance & Asset Management

The Maintenance & Asset Management system centralises all maintenance and asset information and helps you to facilitate any maintenance operations in your residential aged care home. 

Centrim - Dining

Dining & Online

The Dining & Online Ordering system helps to improve and simplify your meal management and dining operations, enhancing mealtime experience for your residents.  

Centrim - Feedback

Feedback & Quality Management

The Feedback & Quality Management system helps to gather, track, and respond to feedback from family members, staff, residents and visitors, allowing facility managers to better understand customer needs and improve the quality of service provided. 

Centrim - Visitor_1

Visitor Management

The Visitor Management system helps streamline and automate your visitor management process. Manage and monitor all types of visitors entering and exiting your aged care home. 

Centrim - CRM

Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management module helps to manage and organise your interactions with current customers and potential prospects all in one platform, improving business-customer relationships to further grow your business.  
Partners Item

Integration Partners

We integrate with best-in-class organisations to provide you with a complete ecosystem of care, designed to give you the flexibility for your business needs.