Communications Management

A user-friendly and convenient messaging platform to communicate and 
engage with residents, staff and loved ones

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The Communications Management tool, in partnership with Centrim Life, helps to improve the communications between staff, residents and loved ones through secure private messaging on an app, SMS, and email within your aged care home and retirement living village. 

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What are the benefits of choosing our 
Communications Management tool? 


  • Happy residents due to feeling part of a community
  • Staff are less stressed as they can manage all communication elements in one place
  • Safe and secure solution
  • Transparency for managers as they have all information in one place

Features of Communications Management

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Inbuilt private messaging 
Bulk SMS function 

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Bulk Email function 

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Download our free guide!

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We have created this guide to give you a simple overview of the Lifestyle & Communication Management system; we have ensured to include everything you need to know, such as:

  • What to consider
  • Information on our features and benefits
  • How we help with implementation 

... and so much more! Feel free to also share with your team!

The Ecosystem of Care

Person Centred Software offers a variety of products and services and partner with best-in-class organisations to provide you with a complete ecosystem of care.  

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