Feedback & Quality Management

Get real-time feedback and improve quality across your aged care
homes and retirement living villages

Person Centered Software Centrim Life Feedback Tool


The Feedback & Quality Management tool, in partnership with Centrim Life, is an easy and prompt system to ensure confidential yet transparent process of feedback acknowledgement for aged care homes and retirement living villages. 

What are the benefits of choosing our Feedback & Quality Management tool? 

  • Happy residents due to feeling part of a community
  • Staff are less stressed as they can manage all feedback & quality elements in one place
  • Safe and secure solution
  • Transparency for managers as they have all information in one place
  • Saves time by receiving feedback and surveys digitally in one platform

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Features of Feedback & Quality Management tool


Customisable surveys 


Action plan for continuous improvements 

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Incident management

Download our free guide 

We have created this guide to give you a simple overview of the Feedback & Quality Management tool; we have ensured to include everything you need to know, such as:

  • What to consider
  • Information on our features and benefits
  • How we help with implementation 

... and so much more! Feel free to also share with your team!

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