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Transforming retirement living 

Here at Person Centred Software (PCS), we always aim to improve the quality of life for people living and working in retirement living villages by providing a wide range of person-centred products that allows retirement living operators to enrich and enhance their community engagement and bring quality to resident’s lives.    

 We can now view and access everything, including our reports, in real time via the operations management dashboard or the mobile app, which was a huge incentive for us!
Tania Kelly
General Manager of Retirement Living, Kalyra

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Our solutions for Retirement Living

Centrim - Residents

Resident & Property Services

Manage your residents and retirement living village properties and store resident’s essential information all in one place. 

Lifestyle Management

Enhance your community’s lifestyle and wellbeing by creating and managing activities within your retirement living village. 

Centrim - Lifestyle
Centrim - Communications

Communications Management

The Communications Management system helps to improve the communications between staff, residents and loved ones through secure private messaging on an app, SMS, and email within your retirement living village. 

Maintenance & Asset Management

The Maintenance & Asset Management system centralises all maintenance and asset information and helps you to facilitate any maintenance operations in your retirement living villages.  

Centrim - Maintenance-1
Centrim - Dining

Dining & Online Ordering

The Dining & Online Ordering system helps to improve your dining operations and enhance mealtime experience for your residents in your retirement living villages. 

Feedback & Quality Management

The Feedback & Quality Management system helps get real-time feedback and improve quality of services across your retirement living villages.  

Centrim - Feedback

Visitor Management

The Visitor Management system helps streamline and automate your visitor management process. Manage and monitor all types of visitors entering and exiting your retirement living village. 

Centrim - Visitor_1
Centrim - CRM

Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management module helps to manage and organise your interactions with current customers and potential prospects all in one platform, improving business-customer relationships to further grow your business.