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The BESTMED platform is a cloud-based Medication Management platform that provides aged care providers with “One Source of Truth” for Medication Profiles. This allows doctors, nursing care providers and pharmacists to provide safer, more transparent, and more efficient medication management.

The BESTMED integration allows Person Centred Software to receive up-to-date medication information, including what has been administered. Using the integration gives customers access to more information and enables them to make more informed decisions.  


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Benefits of the integration between BESTMED
and Person Centred Software?

  • Comprehensive care records in a single source of truth that include details of medications administered (Name of medication, Details of dose, Time given, Reasons medication not given, Any clinical readings taken on BestMED)
  • Resident mapping between BESTMED and Person Centred Software's Clinical Care System
  • Increased data sharing between all those who are supporting residents without duplicating effort
  • Keeping all staff informed to make better decisions or improved understanding of those they are supporting
  • Data and information securely transferred in a timely manner
  • Enhanced reporting and analytic capabilities within Person Centred Software's Clinical Care System

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