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Home to 126 residents, Beauaraba Living is an award-winning residential aged care home located in the rural community of Pittsworth, Queensland.

Operating as a community-owned facility, Beauaraba Living offers some of the most innovative and high quality, country-styled living to welcome residents and their families when an alternative to home-living is required.

Beauaraba Living currently uses innovative technologies like Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System to evidence care at the point of delivery and key features from Centrim Life’s Operations Management Software i.e. Maintenance & Asset Management, Feedback & Quality Management and Visitor Management.

In this case study, Louis Metcalf, Maintenance & IT Manager at Beauaraba Living, explains why they decided to make the switch to Centrim Life’s Operations Management Software.

What were the challenges you faced before implementing Centrim Life?

We previously used a different software which served us well back then, but as time went by, the system’s interface got a bit outdated, and it was getting harder for our staff to easily navigate the system. Keeping track of everything was difficult as it was a minefield to go through it to find exactly what you needed. That was when we realised we needed a more intuitive system that was easy for us to use.

Why did you choose Centrim Life?

It all started with us implementing Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System. We were really impressed with the system as it just made our care delivery so much easier. As time went on, the management team found out that Centrim Life’s Operations Management Software was also part of the ecosystem of solutions that Person Centred Software offered and was keen to bring everything into one view. It was getting tiring to have multiple different systems needing to share data with each other, so it was a highlight to have a centralised platform like Person Centred Software that was already fully integrated with Centrim Life, it just made sense and was an easy decision for us to implement Centrim Life. 

The system truly is a godsend in terms of timesaving and reducing administrative tasks, all the information you need is right at the palm of your hands.
Louis Metcalf
Maintenance & IT Manager, Beauaraba Living

How has staff reacted to using Centrim Life?

Since the initial rollout of Centrim Life, which was about 2 years ago now, our staff have found it fantastic to use and a million times better than what we were originally using.

The maintenance team, who aren’t the most computer literate, find it incredibly easy to use which has made their jobs super simple. Every time there is a preventative maintenance job that needs to be done, it will automatically show up on the system. It is also easy for them to log any information of the jobs that they’ve done which makes it easy for staff to have an overview of the progress of any maintenance that is ongoing at the home. 

Staff used to have to find a computer at the end of the day to write down any maintenance that came up during their shift, but now with Centrim Life, staff can easily scan the QR codes in any room or on any assets we have at the home and log any maintenance jobs that need to be done. This means that our maintenance team don’t have to waste precious time looking around the home for what needed to be worked on, instead it all just comes straight into the system with a detailed list of jobs to be done which is brilliant.

The customer support for Centrim Life has been amazing, staff are always impressed and satisfied with how quickly the support team responds to issues and how quickly they are resolved. The Centrim Life team is always keen to listen to our queries and are willing to investigate and implement new features, which has been fantastic to see.

What are some other benefits you have seen since implementing Centrim Life?

The Feedback & Quality Management feature has really helped us improve our services as we were able to easily collect any suggestions and complaints from residents and staff. All they would have to do is scan a QR code and anyone can put a suggestion into the system that they feel will add value to the home, which has made it so easy for us to meet the needs of residents and staff.

The Maintenance & Asset Management feature has allowed the maintenance team to organise their daily tasks just by viewing the maintenance app, where it will show jobs to be done, jobs to be followed up and they can document as they go about their day, which has really streamlined a lot of our maintenance processes since.

The fact that we can also easily assign maintenance jobs to third-party service agents has saved me a lot of time. Previously it would take so much of my time tracking down service agents, giving them a call, explaining what needs to be done and organising the date and time for the job to get done. Now with Centrim Life, we can organise third-party jobs with a click of a button via automated emails.

The system has also made asset management much easier; we could get new equipment in and all we have to do is take a couple of photos, tag it on the system with all the necessary information and then its ready to go out in circulation, making it easier to keep track of it.

The system truly is a godsend in terms of timesaving and reducing administrative tasks, all the information you need is right at the palm of your hands.

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