Health Check 

Providing a broad overview of your aged care home’s clinical data and information .

Person Centred Software’s Health Check provides a broad overview of aged care home’s clinical data, information, documentation, and offers feedback on the usage of the Clinical Care System.

Health Check aims to assist organisations using Person Centred Software’s Clinical Care System to improve usage, reduce organisational risk and improve resident outcomes. 

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 What does Health Check offer customers?


  • An independent review
  • Assist the facility / organisation in determining if they are performing optimally in their clinical
    documentation practice
  • Review clinical data documentation / identify facility user knowledge
  • Identify improvements of clinical care software usage
  • Review improvements of implementing the clinical care system
  • Random sampling of 2 residents receiving care
  • Identify training needs to improve organisational use and outcomes
  • Facilitate the facility / organisation to self-identify continuous quality improvement items and if they
    currently align with standards

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What are the benefits of Person Centred Software’s Health Check?

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Reduce organisational risk 
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Improve resident outcomes 
PCS Care home
Improve efficiency of care delivery 
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Increase staff user knowledge  

What to expect during a Health Check service?

  • Initial consultation – This can be arranged online or in-person 
  • Written report – Health Check report with all clinical data information obtained from the Clinical Care System during a specified time period 
  • Staff user feedback – This can be requested and done online or in-person 
  • Report consultation – This 1-hour consultation is done after the report is completed 
  • Timeframe – The Health Check service can be done within 14 days after the initial consultation

The Ecosystem of Care

Person Centred Software offers a variety of products such as the Clinical Care System and an Operations Management Software. We also partner with best-in-class organisations that work with our Clinical Care System to provide you with a complete ecosystem of care.

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Clinical Care System

Person Centred Software's Clinical Care Management System is used by single sites to large organisations globally.
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Integration Partners

Partnering with best-in-class organisations that work with our Clinical Care System to provide you with a complete ecosystem of care.